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Change the business model to achieve the stainless steel square tube manufacturers.
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Why would the stainless steel square tube factory store large-scale homogenization of competition? The answer has three: one is the stainless steel square tube operation and high plant surplus period, China's stainless steel pipe factory industrial carried out a large-scale expansion, breaking the balance of supply and demand of domestic steel products, oversupply into shopping period; two is the main product Factory stainless steel tube technology made after the rapid development in a short time later, the end of March has not re * *, entered a period of relatively sophisticated ways; three is a special sale of the planned economy era of steel, and in the period of high earnings and adhere to the contact form of long-term supply and demand exceeds supply, the implementation method of the company was stainless steel square block in relative long term, the company lacks in market competition to meet the implementation of planning and effective implementation method.
Stainless steel square tubes million Hong Kong company itself, simply relying on technology improvement, waiting for the present technology of revolutionary break, and then pull the leapfrog progress of production costs drastically reduced or commodity prices, in a short period of time is difficult to end. 321 stainless steel pipe factory company's transformation and upgrading in the process, the technology innovation of the walk is the basis for long-term development, transformation and upgrading needs a process, at the time, the company should end is approach to business changes.
Now the importance of many stainless steel square tube million Hong Kong company are now known to the mall, and put forward the shopping oriented, to the user as the intermediate concept. However, in the practice of the company, such as the construction of setting, operation method, as well as the full of the subconscious, is not really standing in the user's point of view, thinking about their needs and win-win situation?
Now period TP316L stainless steel pipe factory store concept, its essence still remain in the traditional business methods, production and sale didn't exactly go to administration and operation main body foundation is still production units, the salient features to output and cost for intermediate representation for according to support existing surplus space higher commodity, in the market choice there is a demand of the customers, rather than for customers build goods and effectiveness.
Perhaps is precisely this intention, choose us a lot of time "to users for the concept" can only stay in the surface without real into behavior of stainless steel pipe company's own talent. The intention of choice behavior, thus to implement the company changes the way the stainless steel square tube factory company, will start from the first step.
When the company decided a new direction, the need to establish a scientific and orderly guidelines as a guarantee, together with a strong part of the implementation of the. But, at that time in the most stainless steel pipe factory company's operating system, and no strong part of a representation of user interests, nor has its own goods and sell cost communicate fully, not after the scientific plan and effective implementation of, constitute a real market impact.
Now many stainless steel pipe company are in developing non steel industry, but in the commodity sale, stainless steel pipe factory main business block, stainless steel pipe factory goods and commodities of the non steel contact packing is almost nothing. If there is a special for its effectiveness of the customer manager, based on the company has a full range of cost, at any time to follow up the potential needs of users. Such as non steel block stainless steel square tube company has construction supervision qualification, can supply the supervision efficiency.
If we can see more of the idea of further extension, we can see more shopping: when the real estate in the building, we are not able to provide logistical guarantee? After the completion of the property management is not able to participate? Since it is a commercial real estate, which is an endless and sustainable development of the market, we are not able to think and work together, the implementation of a series of business to implement it? Etc. all these are valuable business costs, many stainless steel pipe factory company also has corresponding goods and effectiveness of the foundation, but due to the lack of perfect implementation plan, lack of meet up and pre judgment, did not do a good job of stainless steel pipe factory industrial and non steel industry the mall money integration match and lost in vain valuable market opportunity.

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