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Company strength, focus on stainless steel trade, processing 20 years

①The company in the steel trade, processing field has 20 years of glorious history, is the Le Conggang iron market, has a higher strength of the seller

Extension varieties complete, cost-effective

①The company is located in Lecong, has a geographical advantage, cheap goods freight, but convenient, low cost, price concessions.
②Product range, the size of more than 400 kinds of specifications negative difference.

Independent logistics service center, to provide you with more protection of logistics

①Within the core of the logistics of the entire firm, the country can provide a long distance transportation and warehousing business. II on the stock volume of 20000 tons or more, to ensure that the order, ready to ship.

high quality, high quality service capability

①7X24 hour service system, so that you can appear at any time the product problem we can first time for you to solve, to ensure that the interests of customers.
②Break up the retail business can provide for customers, to maximize meet customer requirements.
Foshan steel pipe industry Co., Ltd.

Shunde city Lecong District Foshan Li Tuo steel pipe industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, is located in Foshan CityLecong Town, Germany and the town of fine iron and steel trade logistics processing zone, adjacent to the 325 countries,close to Foshan, a ring of high-speed and high-speed traffic is very convenient.

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